Next Generation Fuel System Options
As a key component of Cat® Tier 4 Technology, injection timing precisely controls the fuel injection process through a series of carefully timed microbursts. This injection timing provides more control of combustion for the cleanest, most efficient fuel burn. To maximize customer value, Caterpillar engineers specified fuel systems based on the power and performance demands for each engine.
High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Systems with full electronic injection improve precision and control that boost performance and reduces soot for the C4.4 ACERT, C6.6 ACERT, C7.1 ACERT and C9.3 ACERT.
Advanced MEUI-C injector platforms handle increased injection pressures and more precise fuel rates. These durable injectors enhance responsiveness while controlling soot in the C13 ACERT, C15 ACERT, C18 ACERT, C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT.